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When thinking about Portugal’s gastronomy the first thing that comes into mind is « Bacalhau » (codfish) that plays a very important part in the Portuguese way of cooking. Our cooking is very rich in flavor and meals are traditionally made of 3 courses:

  • - Soup, that is a very important part of the meal;
  • - Fish or meat, often accompanied by rice and/or potatoes;
  • - and a dessert or fruit.

Here are some dishes and desserts that are a must have when you visit Portugal: Caldo verde ( a very typical green cabage soupe ), Bacalhau com natas ( Codfish with cream) , Bacalhau à Brás ( codfish mixed with fries and eggs), Caldeirada (fish soup), Sardinhas grelhadas (grilled sardfines), Feijoada (meat with beans accompanied with rice), Cozido à portughesa (a stew the Portuguese way), Carne de Porco à Alentejana (Pork with clams accompanied with fries, or rice, the Alentejo’s way)

Desserts: Pastel de nata (cream custard pastery, sprinkled at taste with cinnamon ) , queijadas de Sintra (Portuguese Cheese Tarts With Cinnamon), Arroz doce ( sweet rice cooked in milk).



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